Use Cases

Pass a Pen Test on the First Attempt

Penetration tests, designed to simulate attacks and identify security weaknesses, are notoriously difficult to pass. Not with Zero Networks.

From Red to Green on Every Machine

Zero Networks leverages automated segmentation and MFA to restrict excessive network and privileged permissions, the root cause of most successful attacks (and failed pen tests)

Network Segmentation

Network traffic is restricted to necessary assets only, blocking excessive network permissions.

Identity Segmentation

All privileged accounts are restricted to necessary assets only, blocking excessive logon permissions.

Multi-factor Authentication

Privileged ports used by attackers to move laterally are closed by default. Admins receive temporary access only after MFA.

What you don’t see doesn’t hurt you

With 100% of privileged ports closed, pen testers and attackers are blinded (just ask Mandiant, Pentera, or Cymulate)

Most Pen Tests fail

Complex IT environment, tight timeline, limited Budget, small IT team

Enter Zero Networks

Restrict excessive network and privileged permissions in just 30 days of learning – it’s fully automated and agentless!

Ace the test!

A fully segmented network means you’ll pass any pen test on the first attempt!

Test Passed! (here’s how)

Most pen-tests (and attacks) are blocked from the outset. Here’s how they’re operating, and how we stop them at every stage

Pen-testers (and attackers)
Performing Reconnaissance
Exploiting vulnerabilities
Moving laterally
Exfiltrating data

Network Segmentation

Blocks 100% of privileged ports and 98% of all other ports - you cannot attack what you cannot see

MFA is mandatory to open privileged ports - preventing lateral movement

Internet traffic controls reduce risk of unauthorized data transfer

Identity Segmentation

Restricts logon rights to deny triggering various APIs

Most pen tests end here!

MFA is mandatory for any admin operation - preventing lateral movement