Microsegmentation made easy and scalable to protect your organization from any ransomware or breach

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MFA-anywhere to block ransomware and advanced attacks. Forever.

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What Zero Networks means for you

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  • CISO
  • IT Teams
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Demonstrate fast results by deploying in hours

Simplify compliance and quickly pass pen tests by automatically segmenting every asset

Easily integrate your existing security stack without any agents


Reduce security toolset footprint by consolidating network security solutions

Simplify security operations by drastically reducing the amount of tactical activity

Force multiply current staff by focusing on strategic security initiatives

Simplify operations with no agents or manual policy creation

Improve security without hurting user experience

No performance impact for segmentation and connectivity

Simplify the segmentation of every asset you own with a click

Simplify network architecture by reducing firewall footprint

Automate network policy management to save time and resources

Reduce patch urgency by segmenting vulnerable ports

Segment every asset you own with a click

Deploy MFA everywhere including hard to reach assets such as custom applications and legacy protocols like RPC, SMB and WinRM

How customers use our patented MFA-based Microsegmentation solution

automated microsegmentation

in the organization with zero
agents and zero recoding.

Enforce MFA to Anything You Want
Stop ransomware or any attacker from moving laterally

Stop ransomware or any attacker from moving laterally

Leave attackers blind using our MFA-based automatic microsegmentation.

Cyber insurance

Easy-to-deploy microsegmentation to comply with insurance.

Cyber insurance compliance
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What we do

Cyber security
Zero Networks is a Leading Provider of
Identity Based Segmentation

(AKA Microsegmentation)

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How it Works

Zero Networks microsegments every client and server without agents. Anywhere.

Zero Networks security automatically takes every asset and restricts network access to exactly what is needed–applying protection for client, server, home, office, on-premises, cloud, and even IoT/OT devices and appliances.

Our pioneering “just-in-time privileged access” approach microsegments any network without the headaches associated with agents or hairpinning.

Designed for usability, Zero Networks security deploys in minutes to automate microsegmentation for normal usage while applying MFA-based restrictions against privileged protocols.