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Why Are Cyber Attacks So Successful?

Users and machines have way more network access than they need or ever should. This means that once an attacker compromises one machine inside the network, it’s easy for them to spread and do whatever they want.

Excessive Network Access Opens The Door For:

VPN Infiltration

Privileged account takeover

Lateral movement

Zero day exploitation

Ransomware spread

Stop Attackers In Their Tracks Using Least Privilege Networking

Preventing attacks from spreading and causing damage by automatically restricting network access to only what is normally needed, everything else goes through 2-step verification.


Least Privilege Networking

Ensure users and machines have zero trust network access, making it impossible for attackers to spread or move freely inside the network.

One Hour Deployment

Use your existing infrastructure - no agents to deploy, simple to scale for your entire environment. Simply set it up and you are good to go.

Self Sustaining Network Control

Requires no IT intervention, no maintenance, no manual rule configuration - it’s all done for you.

How We Do It

Observe Access
Automatically create network access policies that allow only necessary day-to-day activity.
Simulate Enforcement
Understand how the network access policies will work before going live.
Protect Network Access
Restrict access to what’s normal, everything else goes through 2-step verification
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