Network Security Reinvented

Segment everything.
Connect everyone.

A simple, unified platform for secure remote connectivity
and software-defined segmentation for any asset: IT/OT, on-prem or in the cloud.

Stop lateral movement and kill ransomware by automatically placing a firewall and MFA on every asset–in a click and without any agents.

Connect employees and vendors to your network with Zero Trust architecture that uses the best of VPN and ZTNA–without their flaws.

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What we do

Cyber security
Zero Networks is a Leading Provider of
Identity Based Segmentation

(AKA Microsegmentation)

What Zero Networks Means For You

Reduce security toolset footprint by consolidating network security solutions.

Simplify security operations by drastically reducing the amount of tactical activity.

Force multiply current staff by focusing on strategic security initiatives.

Demonstrate fast results by deploying an agentless Zero Trust architecture in hours.

Simplify compliance and pass pen tests by automatically segmenting every asset.

Simplify security by consolidating tools to bring a one stop shop for employee and third-party access

Simplify operations by consolidating tools to bring a one stop shop for employee and third-party access

One stop shop for employee and third-party access with a solid user experience.

Simplify the segmentation of every asset with a click without impacting performance.

Segment every asset and deploy remote connectivity aligned with a Zero Trust architecture with a click.

Deploy MFA everywhere including hard to reach assets such as custom applications and legacy protocols like RPC, SMB and WinRM.

Reduce security complexity with fewer solutions.

One stop shop for employee and third-party access.

Reduce patch urgency by segmenting vulnerable ports.

Simplify the segmentation of every asset with a click without impacting performance.

Simplify network architecture by reducing firewall footprint and less hardware

Software defined remote connectivity without any configuration or maintenance and automated network policy management.

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Consolidate Segmentation and Remote Access

No more disparate technologies: Unite automated microsegmentation and pioneering ZTNA to modernize network security

Zero Networks Segment

  • Fully automated

    Never create a single rule again
  • Agentless

    Seamless deployment without breaking anything
  • MFA everywhere

    Deploy multi-factor authentication for any asset type - IT and OT
  • Segmenting client-to-server and server-to-server

    Two network security products in one

Legacy Microsegmentation

  • Manual configuration

  • Agent-based

  • No MFA

  • Segmenting server-to-server only

Zero Networks Connect

  • Zero Trust Networking principles

    No open ports on the internet
  • Maximum network performance

    Direct peer-to-peer connectivity with WireGuard®


  • No Zero Trust

  • Robust network performance


  • Zero Trust

  • Decreased performance and user experience

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Hour deployment

Zero Networks takes less than one hour to deploy–as opposed to days or weeks with other vendors.


Maintenance hours saved

Customers save on average 700 maintenance hours per year with simple deployment compared to other vendors.


Setup hours saved

Customers who segment their network with Zero Networks save about 300 setup hours on average compared to others.


TCO Reduction

Achieve dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership by eliminating redundant internal firewalls and high deployment and maintenance costs.

Note: for a midsize organization of 2000 machines

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