Use Cases

Automatically Discover and Protect Service Accounts

Prevent service account abuse and lateral movement by automatically restricting logon rights to operational needs only

Prevent identity attacks in a click

Service accounts, used for machine-to-machine connections, are hard to monitor, complex to secure, and pose major lateral movement risk if compromised. With Zero Networks, service accounts are automatically restricted to their operational needs, preventing lateral movement.


Instantly gain visibility into all service accounts, glean insights about their activities, and eliminate inactive accounts


Service account activities are monitored for 30 days, then least- privilege policies are created automatically


Service account access is automatically restricted to necessary assets and logon types, preventing lateral movement

Are your service accounts a nightmare to protect?
Not anymore!

Service accounts are a prime target for attackers:

  • Possess excessive privileges
  • Hard to monitor
  • Complex to protect
  • Passwords are rarely rotated

With automated identity segmentation:

  • Excessive logon rights revoked
  • Full visibility and monitoring
  • Access restricted to required assets and logon types
  • Eliminate password updates

Time to value: 30 days

No Password Rotation

Segment your service account without worrying about breaking applications

Kerberos Attack Prevention

Eliminate Pass the Ticket, Golden Ticket, Kerberoasting, and other attacks

Compliance & Cyber Insurance Friendly

Adhere to visibility, MFA, and strict control of privileged accounts

Full Visibility

Get insights and reports on account usage, integrating with your SIEM

Designed for simplicity

No agents, plugins or complex customizations required

Instant time to value

Automated service account segmentation in 30 days with no humans involved

How it Works

Service accounts are automatically restricted to only necessary assets and logon types

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