Use Cases

Restrict and Enforce MFA on Admin Accounts in a Click

Easily monitor and control admin logons to temporarily allow privileged access after multi-factor authentication

Eliminate Risk from Credential Theft

Admin accounts with ongoing and outstanding logon rights pose major security risks, as attackers can exploit them for widespread unauthorized access. Zero Networks provisions them based on least privilege and applies MFA to prevent lateral movement.

Revoke excessive permissions

Logon rights are revoked everywhere as a first step to achieve least privilege

Apply least-privilege policies

Logon rights are provisioned to approved assets only, blocking everything else – in just a few clicks

Protect logons with MFA

For the last layer of security, multi-factor authentication is enforced to gain temporary logon rights to approved assets

Kerberos Attack Prevention

Eliminate Pass the Ticket, Golden Ticket, Kerberoasting, and other attacks

Compliance & cyber insurance friendly

Adhere to visibility, MFA, and strict control of privileged accounts

Powered by MFA

Enable admin access where intended, blocking all other logon rights

Full Visibility

Get insights and reports on account usage, integrating with your SIEM

Designed for simplicity

Create new policies in minutes - no agents, plugins, or complex customizations required

Instant time to value

Just one hour to deploy: no professional services required, ever

How it Works

Privileged users are allowed to temporarily logon on pre-approved assets only after MFA

Legacy solutions too complex? Ours is simple!

Privileged Account Management (PAM)

  • Complex to Deploy
  • User Resistance
  • Limited Control

While PAM controls privileged user access to critical IT resources, PAM credentials can be used on any machine, and an attacker can exploit stolen credentials for a full week even if PAM rotates the password.

Time to value: Months

Zero Networks augments PAM to enhance protection and enforce MFA on all admin accounts, preventing lateral movement

Time to value: Just 1 hour to deploy

Microsoft Tiered Model

  • Complex to Deploy
  • Relies on Professional Services
  • Introduces IT Inefficiencies

Admin privileges are partitioned across three tiers to limit admin logon risk, but this requires breaking the Active Directory into three forests – a substantial and costly effort that many IT teams are incapable of handling.

Time to value: Months to Years

Zero Networks emulates the tiered model least privilege approach without its associated cost and complexity

Time to value: Just 1 hour to deploy

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