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Introducing Zero Networks Connect™

Published April 20, 2023 by Benny Lakunishok

When we first started Zero Networks, we had an ambitious goal: contain any breach for our customers with our single-click, scalable microsegmentation platform, Zero Networks Segment™. Three years later, we’ve accomplished this goal by securing the networks of our customers across healthcare, financial services, banking, manufacturing, and more.

So today, we're excited to announce a new product in our quest to reinvent network security: The launch of Zero Networks Connect™.

Zero Networks Connect™ is a powerful zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution designed to provide organizations with secure, flexible, and scalable remote access to corporate resources without the usual drawbacks that come with ZTNA solutions.

This is achieved by creating a unique connectivity service inside the organization that is hidden from the internet using multi factor authentication (MFA) based segmentation. Therefore, only approved internet devices and connections are able to see the required service port. This ensures direct connectivity with superior performance and exceptional user experience while also achieving “Zero Trust” without any downside.

Alongside Zero Networks Segment™ flagship micro segmentation capability, Zero Networks Connect™ unites "north south" protection with "east west" to enable security teams take protection to the next level. Benefits of this full deployment include:

  • Defeating the spread of ransomware and lateral movement
  • Full zero trust architecture for remote access and internal networks
  • Achieving green pen test reports without doing anything
  • Extending MFA to every connection
  • Protecting admin/privileged connections with MFA of choice
  • Compliance with strict cyber insurance requirements of airtight segmentation and MFA to everything
  • Reduction in network security costs

For a full breakdown on Zero Networks Connect™, watch our on-demand webinar with SANS and schedule a demo with one of our experts here.