Use Cases

Limit & Protect Third-Party Access

Seamlessly mitigate security, data privacy, compliance, and regulatory concerns when connecting external entities to the organization

Third-party access risk is on the rise

Connecting vendors, consultants, and other third parties to the network is essential for business operations. However, existing VPN solutions grant them too much access, and relying on vendor-specific VPNs can introduce security risks.


Of organizations experienced a security incident linked to a third party


Partnered with a third party that experienced a breach


Do not monitor third-party risk

Mitigate third-party access risk with zero trust

Consolidate remote access solutions and implement zero trust controls to secure third-party access, protect data, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Apply Granular Controls

Configure in a click what network resources each third party can access

Enforce MFA on Every Logon

Multi-factor authentication required before third-party access is granted

Consolidate Vendor Access

Eliminate the need for multiple solutions across vendors

Reduce Cost & Complexity

One remote access solution for both employees and third parties

Support any Protocol

Allow third-party flexibility across all applications and protocols – not just TCP!

Audit Everything

Maintain a comprehensive log of every action taken by a third party in your network.

ZTNA Security at the Speed of VPN

Zero Networks melds the strengths of VPN and ZTNA without their shortcomings

Zero Trust Security

No open ports make the service invisible to attackers

Maximum Performance

Direct tunnel and unrivaled speed via WireGuard®

Compliance & Cyber Insurance

Adhere to visibility, MFA, and strict controls requirements

Direct Connectivity

No latency and higher costs associated with routing all traffic to the cloud

Maximum Visibility

No obfuscation: all user IP addresses remain visible to the organization

Instant Time to Value

Just one hour to deploy: no professional services required, ever

How it Works


VPN provides a direct, fast and secure tunnel between the user and the organization, but leaves the VPN port open to the internet and vulnerable to attacks.


Unlike VPNs, ZTNA eliminates the open port to the internet by hiding behind a cloud proxy, but introduces latency and higher costs because all network connections are routed through the cloud.

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