Use Cases

Apply MFA to Anything in a Click

Block all lateral movement in your network. Zero Network’s MFA capabilities protect 100% of ports, protocols, and applications – leaving hackers completely stranded.

Apply MFA to Anything

Zero Networks is the only solution that applies MFA at the port level, enabling just-in-time MFA to clients, servers, and to any asset that could not have been protected by MFA so far, such as legacy applications, databases and OT/IoT devices.

  • Legacy Applications
  • OT/IoT Devices
  • Databases
  • PaaS Solutions
  • IaaS VMs
  • On-prem VMs
  • Global Clients
  • Any protocol

MFA is underutilized in most enterprise environments. Why?

  • Applying MFA to non-SaaS assets is difficult
  • Hard to apply MFA to PaS Solutions, legacy applications, databases, and OT/IoT devices
  • Few vendors enable MFA on the application layer, creating a false sense of security as attackers often exploit protocol vulnerabilities
  • All it takes is ONE open port and you’re hacked!

The Zero Network Way: Tie MFA to the Network Layer

  • Any protocol, operating system, and application above will be protected with MFA without agents or needing to rewrite the application
  • This approach denies attackers any access to vulnerabilities in the organization, completely blocking lateral movement
  • Zero Networks Segment enables just-in-time privileged access with self-service MFA to apply security to any abnormal activity, privileged users or anytime extreme security is required.

Zero Networks vs Other Vendors

A common scenario: MFA for RDP / SSH

Remote access of any kind poses risk of lateral movement attacks, especially when admins and IT teams need to access various servers, on prem and in the cloud, using remote administration protocols like RDP, SSH and WinRM. To ensure server access is allowed to authorized users only, Zero Networks Segment automatically blocks all incoming traffic on administrative ports and prompts users for just-in-time MFA, before temporarily opening the port to the authenticated users for a limited amount of time.

Users can authenticate using the organization’s preferred identity provider (for example, Duo, Okta or CyberArk) or can use email or SMS authentication. By applying MFA at the port level, Zero Networks can protect assets that could not have been protected by MFA so far: legacy applications, databases, OT/IoT devices, mainframes, on-prem VMs, and IaaS VMs.

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