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Revolutionizing Network Security in 3 Steps: Insights from Cybersecurity Titan Dmitri Alperovitch and Zero Networks

Published April 15, 2024 by Jaz Fulton

Looking for 3 actionable steps on how you can defend your network – as defined by an industry titan? Our Co-Founder and CEO, Benny Lakunishok, recently spoke with Dmitri Alperovitch, Co-Founder of Crowdstrike and cybersecurity industry titan, to discuss the groundbreaking strategies Dmitri is using to revolutionize network security and halt lateral movement in its tracks. Here are the 3 key strategies Dmitri outlined: 

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Understand the Threat Landscape 

Nation-state actors and criminal groups are adept shape-shifters, perpetually altering their strategies and tactics with each escalation and evolution. From the widespread proliferation of ransomware to intricate supply chain compromises and the exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities, cyber conflicts have an increasingly global impact. 

Understanding this dynamic threat landscape is crucial for organizations to evaluate risks, fortify defenses, and adapt cybersecurity strategies. 

Dmitri pointed out that the ever-evolving tactics of cyber adversaries emphasizes the pressing need for organizations to remain vigilant and continuously adapt cybersecurity measures to counter emerging threats. 

In response, everyone is moving towards zero trust  

Amidst this shift, organizations are hopping aboard the zero trust train, recognizing the model’s vital role in modern cybersecurity. Departing from traditional perimeter-based security strategies, zero trust adopts a "never trust, always verify" approach, tightening access controls and enforcing continuous authentication for all users and devices, regardless of their location. This proactive stance not only shrinks the attack surface but also boosts overall security posture. By closely monitoring network traffic and user behavior, zero trust enables organizations to dynamically adapt to emerging threats. 

Plus, zero trust architecture incorporates network segmentation, a critical measure in thwarting lateral movement by attackers. By dividing networks into smaller, isolated segments, organizations can effectively contain breaches and minimize their impact. This proactive approach enhances security and makes compliance with regulatory standards a breeze, instilling trust among stakeholders. Ultimately, zero trust, coupled with network segmentation, offers a flexible and robust security framework that empowers organizations to mitigate risks effectively and safeguard their assets against cyber threats. 

Segmentation doesn’t need to be an impossible task 

Simplicity in implementation is paramount in ensuring the effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions, especially in the face of evolving threat landscapes. When he saw what Zero Networks is doing, Dmitri said:

“the beauty of the [Zero Networks] solution is that it's able to work from the smaller organizations to the largest... this is something really special because the amount of resources required to manage and deploy policies is just enormous.” 

Join the discussion 

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