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VMware NSX Alternatives: Why CISOs are Migrating to Zero Networks

Published April 01, 2024 by Nicholas DiCola

Nervous about what the Broadcom acquisition of VMware means for your NSX networking environment? Don’t want to get hit with a 1200% price increase just for staying on VMware?  

You’re not alone – we’ve spoken to dozens of security professionals looking to switch to save costs and find a less clunky, simplified network security solution that can be deployed quickly and easily.  

Here are 5 frequently asked questions and actionable solutions from our conversations with CISOs and security professionals looking for a VMware NSX alternative.  


Q: “I’ve been stuck in a 14-month VMware NSX implementation. I don’t want to lose my progress... but Broadcom is raising prices and the solution is overly complex to begin with.”  

A: Zero Networks fully segments all assets in your network in 30 days. And, our pricing model is extremely simple: you only pay for assets we protect with no hidden costs for servers, compute power or professional services. 

No clunky and confusing subscription pricing that forcibly bundles virtual environments and professional services, leaving you paying for services you never wanted, a product you can never actually implement, and slashed customer support.  

Our product is as simple as our payment model, and in three short meetings you can achieve full segmentation of your environment. We believe in simplicity and transparency.  


Q: “With the Broadcom acquisition, customers are being left behind. Especially small and mid-size businesses – and the larger ones will follow. Where can I find the level of customer service I’ve enjoyed without a massive hike in cost?” 

A: Network segmentation shouldn’t be reserved for large and/or mature organizations, and it shouldn’t require complex, costly implementations.  

Imagine a network where every asset is shielded, where lateral movement is halted in its tracks, and where ransomware finds no foothold. Imagine never bogging down security teams with endless manual work again – instead, leverage automatic rule creation and get back ~1500 hours, automate MFA enablement to any protocol and any device, and so much more.  

That's the reality with Zero Networks. Our intuitive platform makes microsegmentation accessible to all, regardless of your organization's size or technical expertise

When you move from VMware NSX to Zero Networks, you’ll not only get network segmentation – you'll be able to segment identities and get airtight secure remote access. Oh, and our global team of customer engineers are available 24/7/365.  


Q: “I have a massive environment and organizational infrastructure. VMware NSX has been the only solution that can handle it. Are there even any alternatives for this?” 

A: VMware NSX solution is manual and complicated to manage – and only covers VMware machines. Zero Networks covers any client, server, VM, and cloud workload, not just the VMs in VMware.  

In addition, Broadcom’s new VMware pricing model is complicated, includes various packages that force customers to overpay for services and compute power they do not need. This results in an overly expensive solution that in many cases is never implemented, hard to manage, and barely covers the network security needs a modern organization has.  

Don’t worry, there’s an easier way → 


Q: “With the Broadcom repackaging, I’m being forced to bundle and pay for features I don’t need. Has anyone found a solution where you just get what you pay for? I don’t want to pay for features that I don’t need.” 

A: With the Zero Networks security platform, we offer network segmentation for any asset, fully automated and no agent required. You can combine it with our world leading advanced ZTNA and identity protection solutions. All in one platform and one installation.  

We do not bundle services (because you don’t need them with us!) and costs you don’t need, and our pricing is as simple as our platform. Talk with us → 


Q: “I’m a VMware NSX reseller. I’ve been invited back to sell NSX, but I’m only able to sell the VCF bundles, with pricing by cores and a 16-core minimum per CPU. This means high annual revenue commitments that are pricing out most partners and customers. What should I do?” 

A: Our VP of Channels, Adam Hofeler, said it best:  

“Unable to force-feed your clients the staggeringly expensive, bloated VCF bundles? Bring them to Zero Networks. They'll get a better solution that implements in 30 days, 24/7 global customer service, and a massive reduction in cost. Plus, our team would love to work with you: we just earned a 5-star partner rating in the 2024 CRN Partner Program Guide. We'd love to line your pockets and get your clients happy again.” 

Adam is rolling out an NSX-specific partner campaign. If you’re looking to sell with us, contact us via our partner page →