Jim Paolicelli of Atlantic Constructors talks about Zero Networks

Jim Paolicelli, IT Director at Atlantic Constructors, Inc. (ACI), discusses the positive impact of implementing Zero Networks in their organization.

Mr. Paolicelli highlights how Zero Networks has transformed their approach to cybersecurity, with users expressing satisfaction with the product—a rarity in IT. He emphasizes the ease of implementation and effectiveness of Zero Networks, particularly in whitelisting and microsegmentation, which were previously lacking in their cybersecurity measures.

Paolicelli describes how Zero Networks has streamlined their network security processes, freeing up resources and providing peace of mind through its comprehensive protection against attacks like ransomware.

Additionally, he praises the introduction of Secure Remote Access through Zero Networks, which has significantly improved performance and reliability while simplifying the user experience. Overall, ACI agrees that Zero Networks is a game-changing solution that has greatly enhanced their cybersecurity posture and operational efficiency.

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