Demystifying Zero Trust: An Expert’s Insights on Implementation and Impact

In this video interview, Benny Lakunishok, CEO of Zero Networks, discusses the concept and implementation of zero-trust network architecture in cybersecurity. The interview explores the challenges in adopting zero trust (historically very labor-intensive and difficult to scale) and how Zero Networks addresses those challenges with Segment™️, their automated micro-segmentation solution that is agentless and enables just-in-time MFA on every network asset - including IT/OT - on-prem or in the cloud.

Benny advises starting with scalable solutions that cover all machines and suggests highlighting use cases such as ransomware prevention and compliance to garner stakeholder buy-in. Benny also discusses the future prospects of zero trust, citing the prediction, from Gartner, that 60% of organizations will have implemented it by 2026. He believes the acceleration in adoption will be driven by user-friendly solutions and the increasing need for robust defenses.

In summary, this video interview with Benny provides insights into the concept and implementation of zero-trust network architecture. It explores the challenges faced in adopting zero trust and highlights the solutions offered by Zero Networks. The interview also discusses the importance of stakeholder buy-in and predicts a significant increase in the adoption of zero trust in the near future.

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