To empower organizations to focus on their true purpose, rather than the complexities of securing it.

We’re a customer-first, product-first company.

Our ethos is grounded in this dual commitment: to push the boundaries of product innovation to let our customers sleep tight at night.

Love our customers and partners

From our open-source tools to our paid solutions, our customers trust us with their most precious assets – and we never take that for granted. We love our customers and partners for putting their faith in us, and always heed their voices to make our products better.

Don’t break, don’t bother

We believe that good security solutions are completely invisible to the organization. That’s why we design every product and feature not to break business operations and not to bother end users.

Make it simple

We believe simplicity is key to network security (because if it’s complex, it never gets done). We thrive on making hard things easy. And, if our customers don’t find our solutions easy enough, we won’t rest until they do.

Perfect is the enemy of good

We strive for perfection in everything we do, yet remain grounded in reality: We’d rather implement improvements that keep networks safer today than chase the perfect solution that may never materialize.

Be Relentless

Transforming complexity into simplicity is a formidable challenge. Perseverance, resilience, and vigorously pushing through setbacks are what it takes to move the needle.

Have fun

Kicking butt is more fun when you’re having fun. Through good times and not-so-good times, a healthy sense of humor makes all the difference.

Make zero trust an easy reality

We set out to rethink, reinvent, and disrupt the way zero trust security is done, so organizations can focus on their true purpose rather than the complexities of securing it.

Our Values


We check our egos at the door and work towards a common goal: to succeed together. Our relationships come before any deliverables.


Critical thinkers of all stripes thrive here. Support is there every step of the way as you develop and reach new heights.

Raising the bar

We love a challenge and strive for excellence. Always.


Come as you are and ask hard questions. Learn by making mistakes. Analyze failure and celebrate success.


Do today what other people aren’t willing to do. Tomorrow you’ll be able to do what other people can’t.

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We got tired of seeing breaches happen all the time and decided to do something about it. Will you, too?

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