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The Network Edge Magazine vol.1

Published June 29, 2022 by Benny Lakunishok


A Note from
Benny Lakunishok

When we first started Zero Networks, we had an ambitious goal: contain any breach for our customers by simplifying and addressing the challenges of network access and trust at scale.

A lot has happened over the past three years: We launched our core product, Access Orchestrator, as well as the free Trustmeter, and our open source tool library. We’ve been named Gartner Cool Vendor, impressed the judges at RSA Launch Pad, and amassed a sizable number of industry awards. Most importantly, we have been helping keep our clients’ networks safe from attacks with automated microsegmentation, at scale, while reducing security costs.

One of my passions has always been thought leadership. Through my articles as part of the Forbes Technology Council and various public appearances, I always sought to educate the audience at large about the hidden perils that have been systematically unaddressed by traditional cybersecurity solutions. And to be a successful educator you must seek out new knowledge, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to speak to some of the preeminent leaders in the world of cybersecurity and learn where they see our industry heading.

The Network Edge magazine is a labor of love that serves to amplify the voices of these cybersecurity trailblazers. Here, cybersecurity leaders can share their unfiltered thoughts on innovation, disruptive technologies, future trends, and more. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry – Malcolm Harkins, Peter Vallianatos, Heather Gantt-Evans, and John Shaffer – and present their insights on creating a safer cyber environment for organizations worldwide.

I hope you enjoy your copy of The Network Edge as much as I have enjoyed sitting down and learning from these cybersecurity frontrunners.

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