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Deploying Military-Grade Network Security to Stop Ransomware

Published April 16, 2022 by Nicholas DiCola

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Every security vendor has a different approach to ransomware. We’re no exception, but there’s an important twist – our automated microsegmentation with multi-factor authentication (MFA) everywhere approach actually works. Using similar techniques to ones used by the NSA, Mossad, and other government organizations, MFA-based cyber defense holds the potential to truly stop ransomware in its tracks.

Recently, Zero Networks hosted a webinar where we simulated infamous ransomware attacks from the past year against two nearly identical environments – the only difference being that one environment had Zero Networks deployed while the other did not.

Some of the key takeaways:

  1. After running a quick scan of each environment using TrustMeter, our free network visibility tool, we found that the environment without Zero Networks had 85% of their assets accessible to attackers while the environment with Zero Networks fully deployed had only 16% of assets accessible to attackers.
  1. Without Zero Networks, the first environment was easily penetrated. Using free open-source tools like Armitage (the original version of Cobalt Strike), Mimikatz, and ShinoLocker, the simulated attacker gained credentials and spread throughout the network in a matter of seconds. Simulating the same attack against the environment protected by Zero Networks, the attacker could not access any machine.
  1. Even after giving the attacker domain admin credentials, they still could not exploit the machine because all assets and protocols were protected by MFA.

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