White Paper

Microsegmentation in a Click: A SANS First Look

Recently, security teams have focused on the concept of zero trust architecture, which, for an organization to achieve fully, requires both microsegmentation and ZTNA (zero trust network access). Theoretically, when combining these two solutions, an organization can mitigate or prevent attacks, especially those requiring lateral movement for success. However, these projects often raise concerns that stem from technical feasibility and the delicate balance between security and user needs. This is especially true for microsegmentation, which is often considered the harder of the two to implement but also the most beneficial.

In this SANS First Look, we consider a product that challenges the notion that microsegmentation is too difficult to realistically implement: Zero Networks Segment™, part of the Zero Networks platform. A microsegmentation solution that centrally manages host-based firewalls and automates policy implementation in real time, Segment provides an agentless solution to effective zero trust. Segment installs easily into any active environment, with minimal overhead, and offers granular MFA enforcement across IT and OT networks.

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