On Demand Webinar

Password-less MFA Everywhere: Dream, Delusion or Reality?

Everyone knows the ability to stop lateral movement is key to any organization’s cyber security posture. So why has no one solved this problem in a cost-effective and scalable way? MFA sought to remedy this age-old problem, but breaches continue, and MFA hasn’t proven the panacea. While password-less MFA works well in modern SaaS cloud application, adapting it for on-prem environments has proven far from effective.

Recently, Zero Networks hosted an interactive webinar to discuss some of the challenges with implementing MFA everywhere and explore practical elements required to deploy MFA pervasively to every modern or legacy environment.

The featured guest speakers included:

  • Tal Be’ery, a cyber veteran of over 20 years
  • Peter Vallianatos, Sr. Director of Security & Infrastructure, CTO at The Walsh Group
  • Benny Lakunishok, CEO and Founder of Zero Networks

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