Cyber Threats, Microsegmentation, Passwordless MFA Everywhere

Prioritizing Identity Protection in a Shifting Cyber Threat Landscape

Published August 09, 2023 by Nicholas DiCola

In an era where cyber threats are growing in sophistication and targeting organizations worldwide, it is crucial to adopt advanced cybersecurity solutions that provide comprehensive protection. The insights from the 2023 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report (available for download here) underscore the urgent need to prioritize identity protection and embrace innovative measures like microsegmentation and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

The Rise of Malware-Free Attacks and Social Engineering

The 2023 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report sheds light on the alarming trends of malware-free attacks - the usage of vulnerabilities and/or social engineering tactics to target high-profile organizations. These insidious techniques bypass traditional endpoint defenses, making them extremely challenging to detect and mitigate. Additionally, the report covers the increase in the usage of APTs (log4shell, 3cx, etc.) among nation state threat actors. As a result, organizations now realize that compromised credentials usage is inevitable, and they must adopt a proactive approach to identity protection and access management.

Enter Zero Networks' Microsegmentation Solution

Zero Networks' revolutionary microsegmentation solution, Zero Networks Segment™️, is a game-changing approach to network security. By creating dynamic and zero-trust microsegments, the system drastically reduces the attack surface and eliminates lateral movement opportunities for threat actors. This means that even if attackers breach one segment, they are contained and prevented from advancing further, effectively neutralizing potential threats.

Integrated Identity Protection with MFA

Zero Networks also recognizes the critical importance of integrated identity protection and [heavily!] endorses the [extensive!] use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The CrowdStrike report highlights the need for conditional risk-based access policies to reduce the burden on legitimate users while enhancing security. Zero Networks' “Passwordless MFA Everywhere” capabilities provide an additional layer of defense against unauthorized access attempts, ensuring only verified users gain entry to critical systems and data.

Compliance with CISA's Shields Up Initiative

With CISA's Shields Up initiative urging organizations to enforce MFA and monitor unusual network behavior, Zero Networks stands as a reliable ally. Our MFA integration seamlessly aligns with Shields Up guidelines, empowering organizations to comply with industry best practices and strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

Extending MFA to Legacy and Unmanaged Systems

One common challenge faced by organizations is extending MFA to legacy and unmanaged systems. Zero Networks' solution eliminates this pain point with its comprehensive coverage, enabling MFA implementation across all systems, regardless of their age or management status.

Real-Time Prevention

Zero Networks' sophisticated platform offers real-time prevention capabilities, mitigating threats at their inception. By leveraging automation, our solution automatically microsegments the entire network putting every asset into its own network bubble to prevent attackers from spreading.


In summary, the insights from the 2023 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report underscore the urgency of prioritizing identity protection and embracing advanced security measures. Zero Networks' microsegmentation and MFA solutions provide a robust defense against the rising tide of cyber threats, aligning perfectly with the report's recommendations. By choosing Zero Networks, organizations can confidently navigate the complex threat landscape, secure their digital assets, and stay ahead of adversaries.

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