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Gartner Lists Zero Networks as a Representative Vendor in Microsegmentation

Published June 27, 2023 by Daisy Spiridopoulos

Gartner names Zero Networks a Representative Vendor in its 2023 Market Guide for Microsegmentation, predicting that 60% of enterprises working toward zero trust will use more than one deployment form of microsegmentation by 2026; up from less than 5% today.

Gartner recently refreshed its Market Guide for Microsegmentation with a new edition released on 12 June 2023 and to include Zero Networks as a Representative Vendor. They’ve updated this report many times over the years. But this year was a little bit different with this eye popping stat: “By 2026, 60% of enterprises working toward zero trust architecture will use more than one deployment form of microsegmentation, which is up from less than 5% in 2023.” They’re predicting a 12-fold increase in just three years when it comes to microsegmentation adoption rates.

Such a prediction naturally leads to the questions: why now? What has changed? In our view, a few things have happened to cause this:

  • Increased Awareness and Maturity: As the understanding of network security risks has grown, so has the awareness of the limitations of traditional security approaches. Organizations are realizing that perimeter-based security measures alone are insufficient to protect against advanced threats. Microsegmentation offers a more proactive and effective defense strategy by focusing on internal network security. As knowledge and maturity in the field of microsegmentation have increased, organizations are more inclined to adopt it as a vital component of their security architecture.
  • More Vendors Forcing Innovation: The Gartner report lists 19 (!) vendors providing microsegmentation capabilities. Often, when vendors dogpile a market segment it means they think they’ve innovated enough to go to market. For example, many modern microsegmentation solutions offer centralized management and automation capabilities, making it easier for organizations to implement and maintain their security policies. This simplification allows IT teams to define and enforce policies based on business requirements, easily adapt to changing network configurations, and respond swiftly to security incidents. The improved operational efficiency and reduced administrative overhead associated with microsegmentation make it an attractive option.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements: Many industries face stringent compliance and regulatory requirements concerning data protection and privacy. Microsegmentation enables organizations to achieve compliance by ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, and availability within segmented network zones. It helps organizations maintain separation between different types of data, such as sensitive customer information and internal systems, thereby meeting regulatory requirements and avoiding potential penalties.
  • From Hero to Zero Trust Hero: The adoption of the Zero Trust security model has gained traction in recent years. Microsegmentation aligns well with the Zero Trust model by enforcing strict access controls and verifying every communication request within the network.

At Zero Networks, we have spent a lot of time trying to innovate microsegmentation. Zero Networks, instead, found a new paradigm to upend the notion that microsegmentation can be fast, easy, effective and deployable by anyone to get military grade security. How?

  • Self service MFA network access. Zero Networks applies just-in-time privileged access with self-service MFA to apply security for abnormal activity, privileged users or anytime extreme security is required.
  • Agentless. Zero Networks deploys as a virtual appliance that is not inline, enforcing policy via remote controller for firewalls to eliminate agent management and usability headaches.
  • Invisible automation. Zero Networks brings strong protection without impacting day-to-day employee experience by automating segmentation across non risky protocols to ensure standard employees routines and interactions experience zero disruption.

For more details, please consider downloading our Buyer's Guide to Microsegmentation Solutions, available here, or feel free to reach out to request a demo of Zero Networks Segment™️ and thank you!