Zero Networks CONNECt™

The Next Evolution of Zero Trust Network Access

The Speed of VPN. The Security of ZTNA. Combined.

Zero Networks Connect™ connects employees and vendors to the network using the best of VPN and ZTNA–without their flaws

  • No open ports for attackers to exploit
  • Maximum network performance


  • No
  • Yes


  • Yes
  • No

Zero Networks Connect™

  • Yes
  • Yes

Maximum Performance

Direct, peer-to-peer connectivity with WireGuard®

Zero Trust

No open ports on the internet for maximum security

Any User

Custom policies allow both employee and vendor access

Optimized User Experience

No additional bandwidth overhead for a fast, seamless experience

Maximum Visibility

Unlike ZTNA, identity of users connected is never obfuscated

Minimum Friction

Designed to be installed, deployed and managed seamlessly

How does it work?

VPN ports are closed and invisible

The corporate VPN has no open ports on the internet–impervious to port scanning.

User verified by MFA

Users trying to connect are required to authenticate in the cloud using MFA

VPN port opens only to validated user

VPN opens a port only to the authenticated user IP address–and remains invisible to attackers

User access is limited

Policies allow user access to all or pre-approved apps or services