Yes, microsegmentation can be easy, scalable and even fun, too!

Microsegmentation used to be slow, costly, and labor-intensive. Finally, Zero Networks’ automated solution makes it a game changer for defenders.

With Zero Networks, microsegmentation is:

  • Fast and easy: segment everything (down to the individual machine) with a single click and no friction
  • Effective: stop 99.9% of attacks without interrupting normal network traffic
  • Scalable: works for any size organization, without the need for agents or manual operation

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We’re unique among cybersecurity vendors

Traditional Microsegmentation Vendors

Zero Networks

Agentless (easy deployment & maintenance)

Automated rule creation and segmentation (easy to operate and scale)

Both server-to-server and user-to-server segmentation (effective and cost saving)

Single solution for client and server microsegmentation (effective and cost saving)

MFA protection for any chosen ports, protocols, and applications (MFA anything you want!)