Zero Networks Segment™

Radically Simple
Segmentation in a Click

Stop Attacks from Spreading

Zero Networks Segment™ centrally manages all host-OS firewalls and automates
policy creation to stop lateral movement–the main step to achieve Zero Trust.

No agents

Quickest setup and scale with dramatically reduced maintenance

Fully Automated

We learn network connections and create accurate rules/policies without breaking anything

Deploy in hours

One person can deploy in hours (rather than dozens in months)

No hardware

Never buy expensive firewalls again: Detach segmentation from the hardware

MFA Everywhere

Apply multi-factor authentication on any asset, application or protocol–in the cloud or on prem.

Segment IT + OT

In the cloud or on prem.

See Immediate ROI


Sani Marc saves 3x with Zero Networks

How much can you save?

An Evolution of Network Security


Firewall on the perimeter

One firewall protects the entire network (as a single segment)
  • If one computer is breached, the entire network is compromised

Network Segmentation

Network is divided into large segments using hardware firewalls
  • If one computer is breached, the entire segment is compromised
  • There are multiple ways attackers can move between segments
  • Expensive and difficult to deploy and manage

Legacy Microsegmentation

Network is divided into small segments using software firewalls
  • If one computer is breached, attack surface is limited
  • Manual configurations
  • Agent based
  • Labor intensive
  • No MFA
  • Many weeks/months to deploy

Zero Networks Segment™

Automatic segmentation of every network asset using its host-OS firewall
  • If one computer is breached, the attacker is blocked
  • Fully automated
  • Agentless
  • MFA everywhere
  • Deploys in hours, not months
  • Segmenting IT/OT, client-to-server, client-to-client, and server-to-server, on prem and in the cloud

From to Hero in 3 hours

From start to finish, it’s only three zoom calls to POC


Install a Zero Networks Trust Server on your network
1 hour


See how we monitor and learn all network connections for up to 30 days
1 hour


Watch how we automatically created accurate policies, enforced by your host firewalls
1 hour

The Buyer’s Guide to Microsegmentation