Discover What an Attacker Could Access in Your Network

Use TrustMeter, our new free tool, to visualize how much excessive network access you have, so you can start to implement network controls to protect you from unnecessary lateral movement and attack propagation.

All data collected remains local on the machine that is running TrustMeter - nothing is uploaded anywhere else.

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What TrustMeter Does
TrustMeter collects information from your network via active throttled scanning and pulls identity information from Active Directory and other identity providers.

TrustMeter uses this information to discover the managed and unmanaged assets in your network and classify them as either clients or servers. You get all the information TrustMeter analyzes in a report that gives you visibility into your overall exposure level, while providing detailed insights into your network topology.
All data collected during TrustMeter’s scan remains local on the machine from which it is run - nothing is uploaded anywhere else.
Use Cases
You can run TrustMeter from different locations in your network to understand the different threats that excessive network access pose to your network, including:

Remote Workers With VPN Access

Scans the network from a VPN client’s machine to reveal how much is vulnerable to an attacker that is entering the network from that VPN.

Machines Inside the Data Center

Scans the network from the data center, giving you “inside-out” visibility into problematic network paths.

Client Networks

Scans the network from an internal host to give you complete visibility into which assets are accessible from a single machine inside the network.

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