Discover What Attackers Can Access in Your Network

Trust Meter

Use TrustMeter to visualize excessive network access and help implement controls and protect you from unnecessary lateral movement. With TrustMeter, all data collected remains local to the machine running TrustMeter and is not uploaded anywhere else.

Trust Meter
How Does
TrustMeter Work?

TrustMeter collects information from your network via active throttled scanning and pulls identity information from Active Directory, cloud computing services (AWS, Azure, GCP) and other identity providers.

Trustmeter platform

Using this information, TrustMeter discovers the managed and unmanaged assets in your network, classifying them as clients, servers or cloud hosts. A TrustMeter report gives details overall exposure level while providing detailed insights into network topology.


Reduce VPN
access risk

Scan a network from a VPN
client’s machine to reveal how much is vulnerable to
an attacker who is entering the network
from that VPN.

Reduce VPN access risk
Get inside-out

Scan a network from
the data center to
identify problematic
network paths.

Get inside-out visibility
Gain client
network visibility

Scan the network from an internal host to give you complete visibility into assets accessible from a single machine inside the network.

Gain client network visibility