Pioneering adaptive MFA for frictionless segmentation



Bring perpetual, organic network resilience to thwart attackers and pen testers to secure your enterprise and keep the Board happy.


With just-in-time privileged access, each access is audited and visible while security leaders enjoy a unified control plane to visualize and control everything in the network.

Reduce security costs

With segmented networks, enjoy simplified security operations as well as reduced product spending for NACs, internal firewalls, IPS and manual ACL based network microsegmentation.

Microsegmentation means that every module in the environment should only be able to access the information and resources necessary for legitimate purposes.

Great idea – in theory – that few organizations can actually practice in reality. Sadly, past efforts at network microsegmentation required cumbersome agents, hairpinning, or expensive professional services.

Zero Networks, instead, found a new paradigm to upend the notion that microsegmentation can be fast, easy, effective, and deployable by anyone to get military grade security. How?