Zero Labs

Open Source Security Tools

Zero Labs, run by our internal security research team, is busy creating new open source tools for defenders. These tools have successfully mitigated numerous attacks and help build resilience into networks.


Community Driven Resilience

BlueHound helps blue teams to pinpoint the security issues that actually matter. It  reveals the paths attackers would take if they were inside your network.

RPC Firewall

Blocking Lateral Movement

Detect and protect against innumerable lateral movement techniques and other forms of remote attacks and vulnerabilities, especially on the most sensitive server: the Domain Controller.

LDAP Firewall

Your Directory Protector

Control and audit LDAP requests in order to protect Domain Controllers, mitigate LDAP-based attacks, and tightly control access to the Active Directory schema.

More Tools


Map entire network from a single scanner


Prioritizing where to protect


Mimicking ransomware infection

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