A leading US firm uses Zero Networks to pass the toughest Penetration Test

A leading firm in the United States needed their SOC 2 certification, a compliance prerequisite to demonstrate their network is secure enough to store sensitive information. This included passing a penetration test, and in this case, one of the most advanced automated testing platforms on the market – Pentera.

Pentera simulates a cyberattack by continuously scanning networks for vulnerabilities and credentials, using them to spread to additional machines. This simulates an adversary propagating inside a network, without causing any real harm.

Passing this test was highly challenging for the law firm. They only had one dedicated IT person, who had no security background. Thus, despite having a relatively small network, manual segmentation was not an option.

Working with a tight budget and timeline, the firm needed a single solution that was simple and automated while requiring minimal oversight and maintenance. Enter Zero Networks.

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