Solving Cybersecurity’s Problem of “Trusting Too Much”

For decades, organizations have allowed most users and machines to communicate freely once they are inside the corporate network, relying on cybersecurity solutions to try to detect and respond to attacks. However, these solutions are often too little, too late.

It’s time users and machines were allowed to communicate only with the assets they need. That’s why we established Zero Networks; we want to bring trust back to the network, by making it as easy as possible to ensure all your users and machines are only allowed to access the resources they require to do their job.

Who We Are - Executive Team

Benny Lakunishok

Co-founder and CEO

Jossef Harush

Co-founder and CTO

Professor Gil David

Head of ML & data science

Tali Eliyahu

Head of design and UX

Polina Blinchevsky

VP customer success

Jonathan Monsonego

VP Engineering

Sagie Dulce

VP Research

Our Investors


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