February 8, 2023

Cybertech TLV 2023: Complete Security in the Modern Threat Landscape

Nicholas DiCola
VP Customers

The Zero Networks team was present at Cybertech Global TLV, the industry-leading conference for the cyber ecosystem. 

As a part of “The Cybertech Cloud Day – The Future of Cloud Security” Zero Networks’ VP of Customers, Nicholas DiCola, led the “Advanced Attack Surface Solutions for the Modern Threat Landscape” panel. He was joined by Gavin Millard, Deputy CTO (VM) of Tenable and Matthew Andriani, Founder & CEO of Mazebolt Technologies, and the panel was moderated by Zori Kor, VP of ASERO Worldwide. 

The three main takeaways: 

  1. Companies need to bring the focus back to “protect” in “protect, detect, respond.” While detection tools are helpful and effective, it still leaves organizations without a proper “protect” tool vulnerable to attackers. Maintaining better hygiene across all systems, especially in the cloud, helps prevent misconfigurations, VPN vulnerabilities, and other target points for attackers. 
  2. Focus your efforts on patching the most vulnerable point in the network. A successful attack requires just one breach to a point where the attacker can then gain privilege and lateral movement. With these properly protected, then the likelihood of a devastating attack decreases significantly. 
  3. You have to know all the assets in your business. Once you identify key assets, you can then completely understand your security needs and where to invest time and resources. This is the first step to building a successful network security posture. 

Zero Networks makes complete network security easy and scalable with MFA-based microsegmentation solution to block ransomware and advanced attacks – forever. If you don’t believe us, see it for yourself.

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