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"Essentially putting every computer and server on the network into their own individual DMZ"

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Finally a network segmentation and control solution that can scale without adding additional costs

Malcolm Harkins

Former CISO of Intel

Zero Networks is a Leading Provider of
Identity Based Segmentation (AKA Microsegmentation)

Zero Networks for the first time delivers an easy-to-setup, scalable, and effective zero trust solution

Peter Liebert

Commander of the California State Guard Cyber Operations

The Problem: Lateral Movement From the Simple Ransomware to the Advanced Attacker

Networks are built for connectivity, not security. This built in feature of networks means that users and machines have far more network access than they need. Once an attacker compromises one machine inside the network, it’s easy for them to spread and wreak havoc.

Excessive Network Access Opens The Door For:

VPN Infiltration

Privileged account takeover

Lateral Movement

Zero day exploitation

Ransomware spread

Our Solution: Segmenting Every Client and Every Server, Everywhere

Zero Networks automatically takes every asset in your organization and restricts network access to only what is needed. We protect any type of asset from any location: client, server, home, office, on-prem or cloud.
Zero Networks breaks lateral movement and contains the next breach.


Containing the Next High Profile Breach

Preventing an attack from spreading starting with the simple ransomware to the most advanced attacker.

Ease of Use for IT

Simple just in time privileged access which doesn’t force various agents, jump servers and harder procedures to become more secure.

Cost Reduction

Offloads work from the network security team by automating and distributing the work to application owners.

Main Use Cases

Application Ring Fencing

Microsegmenting all workload communication (east↔west). Identity based segmentation for user access (north↔south).

Remote Workforce Security

Every remote employee can only connect to what they need after 2FA. VPN is no longer an attack vector.

Environment Separation

Enforce only required network access between workloads, and between environments.

Just in Time Privileged Access

Privileged access is granted on demand for a short amount of time. Each access is audited and visible.

Hybrid Environment Protection

Single network control to protect assets both in cloud and on prem environments.

How We Do It

Observe Access
Automatically create network access policies that allow only necessary day-to-day activity.
Simulate Enforcement
Understand how the network access policies will work before going live.
Protect Network Access
Restrict access to what’s normal, everything else goes through 2-step verification
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